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What's It All About?

We are creating a worldwide movement.  An opportunity to help change peoples lives.  Including yours!

VOLO is the worlds very first spiritual based MLM - Multi Level Movement. We are currently in PRE pre launch which means a fantastic opportunity to get involved NOW!  

Sean and Samantha Spector are the amazing founders and they have a very clear vision:

-To grow into the largest hub for personal development and spiritual courses, content and products, ultimately affecting 1 BILLION lives (yes, you read that correctly!) 


We have partnered with amazing life & spiritual coaches from around the world to develop life-changing content for you and will be producing video courses that touch on all areas of  life, ensuring that there will be a  program for everyone.

​Such as:

  1. Happiness
  2. Meditation
  3. Mindset
  4. Limiting Beliefs
  5. Relationships
  6. Purpose
  7. Crystal Energy
  8. Law of Attraction
  9. Manifestation

to name but a few.

We are also developing our first physical product, The Ultimate Law Of Attraction Planner. With years of science based research, they’re compiling the perfect formula in a 30 day planner to help in manifesting your ultimate life!

When I was invited to look at this material I was so excited! it really struck me how much this is needed in the world. I am so extatic to have finally found an opportunity that is all about serving people and making lives better.

In addition to all of this amazing source of help for clients, VOLO have an amazing rewards plan the you as an Independent Coach would benefit from.  For more information about this please contact me via the subscribe option below.

How To Get Involved...

I am looking to expands the Feel Good team and extend the VOLO opportunity to you.  If you align with any of the information then please get in touch and I can personally answer any questions you may have,

I am so excited to help you change your life. For good, Hannah x

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