Soul Warrior Cleanse - Reset your mindset & reach your higher self coming this month!

Feel Good Coaching

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I believe that you have to click with someone before you can start telling them about yourself and what it is that you need support with.  Therefore I offer a free inital session for you to meet me and me to meet you.

This is a 30 minute session conducted over video chat or or email, whichever you feel most comfortable with. 

In this session I will ask some key questions that will help me identify which is the best strategy for you to start your personal development journey with.

And it doesn't end there.  Once that session is over, I will then come back to you with a completely free strategy to get you started.

If you feel that this initial coaching session was beneficial then we can talk about further courses that you feel you may want to enrol on to help you achieve your best possible outcome!

Get in touch via the email address - to start your journey.

Who are VOLO?

I am excited to be a part of this wonderful movement.  The Feel Good Project will be offering all of the amazing online courses in Personal Development that VOLO have created as I am a founding Volo Coach.

From amazing speakers on subjects such as Making Happiness a Habit, Time Management, Law of Attraction, Yoga, Relationships and Crystal Energy to name just a few.

These courses will be offered on a Netflix type platform and will range from 1 day to 28 days and beyond.

'We're on a mission to raise the world's vibration. We want to make people just like you happier, more fulfilled and more successful in all areas of their lives. We believe that if you can change yourself, you can change the world. Volo is more than just your normal company. Volo is a worldwide movement.' -

The first course has been written by the fantastic Ryan S Harvey and is called 'Happiness as a Habit' and the 'The Soul Warrior Cleanse'.  Check out the Feel Good Blog for more information.  I am looking forward to sharing more with you very soon!